Jessica Bonness is passionate about teaching design, whether it's in an academic studio or in the living room of an enthusiast: there's so much to learn and do at so many levels. She has an M.A. in Interior Design and teaches design at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education levels at various schools in the Washington D.C. area. Trust her when she says that having an "eye for color" isn't all that it takes to be a designer! Nevertheless, as a hobbyist or non-professional, you can always gain more insight into design with hands-on guidance. By taking a high-quality Design Workshop, you can potentially avoid costly design mistakes in a just-for-fun format that gives you the tailored design knowledge you're looking for without a huge commitment of time and money. 

JGB Interiors' Design Workshops are:

- upbeat and casual
- taught in the familiar space that you choose - we come to you!

- available for as few as three or as many as 15 participants

- typically conducted in one day, lasting between 90 minutes and three hours

- designed to suit your interests so that you spend time learning about what you care about the most

Workshops are great for people who:

- are interested in learning more about decorating or design

- want to take a fun class with friends in a familiar setting

- work in supporting roles in the design field and want to understand design better

- are not interested in pursuing a professional career as a designer (we're not a school that provides you with any type of certification or degree, but if you feel pulled in that direction we can talk to you about what design school is like)

Some examples of popular workshops are:

- Color Basics: Color Theory 

- Color Basics: Choosing Interior Paint Colors and Textiles 
- Basic Design Principles 

- Creating Spaces for Children: Bedrooms and Playspaces

- Furniture Layout Workshop 

- Incorporating Sustainability into Your Home 

- Ask the Designer Q&A

Do you have more questions about Design Workshops, how to select and schedule one, or how they are priced? We'd be happy to answer them for you! 




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