JGB Interiors works with clients on everything from smaller projects such as Interior Color Consultations to larger projects like full-scale renovations. The following are examples the types of services we provide:

Interior Color Consultation

Choosing an interior paint color or color scheme can be hard. Ask anyone who has picked the perfect yellow from the pages of a magazine then deeply regretted it approximately 12 hours later. To get it right, you need to consider the brand, finish, overall palette, transitions, how light affects the color...and you still have to choose a color! JGB Interiors has done hundreds of paint color consultations for DC-area clients, and knows how to navigate these issues.


This type of consultation usually takes a few hours beginning with a site visit to assess the space, your color preferences, and your existing furniture/finishes/fixtures. We do a walk-through, look at samples, then you receive a list of color recommendations. You can test them or we can test them, we'll take a peek at the results, then comes time for a decision. We follow-up with a paint schedule (which is a detailed list) for your painter to implement. 

Design Consultation

A Design Consultation is a meeting and follow-up to discuss a smaller project, a re-design, or a specific area of concern. Need to brainstorm layouts and finishes for a new kitchen? Want to refresh your living and family rooms? Are you crafting your first nursery and want to get it right? Are you moving to a new home and you don't know how your furniture will translate to new architectural surroundings? These would all be typical reasons for a consultation. 

For a consultation, we first meet at the site to discuss scope and timeline. You'll answer a slew of questions so that we can be on the same page regarding style, functionality, and budget. You may want to share inspirational images that you've been collecting or samples you have obtained. We will set the agenda for the next meeting, the JGB machine will get to work, and then we'll meet to discuss the first round of recommendations. Once you decide to move ahead with a concept we'll get started on the implementation plan. 

Renovations and Larger Projects

For larger and more complicated projects, we begin by talking about the overall scope, budget and timeline. At the first meeting, we get a feel for what you are looking for, when you're looking for it, and how our vision will fit with your budget. If you have a team in place (contractors, architect, etc..) we should meet them shortly after this meeting. Alternatively, if you're looking to brainstorm and come up with an overall plan or vision for your project, we can do that before you hire a contractor or architect. ​ One the project is in motion, we work with you and the rest of the team on decisions big and small, from hardware to space planning to art and accessories. 

A Few Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do you charge?

A four-hour minimum is required for billing (this covers a basic Inteior Color Consultation or basic Design Consultation, though additional site visits and sourcing are always available and billed by the hour). Please inquire about our reasonable hourly rates. 

How long does it take to design a room?

This is a common question, and it depends on several factors. We can't say off-hand without knowing more about your space. Give us a call and we'll talk it through. 

Do you purchase furniture for me?

We can. But we don't require it. 

Are furniture and accessories and things like window treatments included in your hourly rate?

No. Our hourly rate is for time spent meeting, designing, communicating with you, and sourcing your recommendations. 

I have company coming into town next week. Can you help me before then?

We can try. But our schedule is often booked in advance. Additionally, furniture typically takes a minimum of four weeks to arrive, sometimes it takes up to four months. To ensure that your vision is achieved in time to meet your ideal deadline, please plan to contact us several months in advance. 

Do you have other questions about Design Services, or are you interested in setting up an appointment? We'd be happy to chat with you!


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