I believe that carefully designed spaces should be fun but also functional. 

I think a space should be: designed to suit its occupants and their ever-changing needs, simple and intuitive to use, and give significant weight to both style and substance.  

I am a Certified Interior Designer, which means I have passed a series of rigorous exams ensuring my expertise in areas such as life safety, codes and standards, and building systems integration. D.C. is a lawyer-town, so I like to refer to this as "like the designer bar exam." I hold a M.A. in Interior Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design, which is now part of the George Washington University. I am an associate member of IIDA, and I am a LEED Green Associate. 

In addition to my work with clients, I teach design at the college level and I teach continuing education workshops (click on over to my Design Workshops page)! This means I am adept at communicating about design, and that saves you time and frustration. 

I know what it's like to have pets, kids, and to do your own cleaning, which means that I'm not going to try to sell you on a glass coffee table because I know your toddler will walk on it and your dog will slobber on it and you will hate me six months later. And yes, I saw all the cat toys under your sofa, and no, I don't judge you for it. 

I don't think that having a budget should mean that good design is inaccessible to you. I appreciate and advocate for well-built, quality pieces, but I know what it's like to work with constraints and balance wants and needs. 

I am experienced in working with contractors and architects and fabricators on renovation projects. This does not mean I can make them work faster. Or for less money. But I can help them troubleshoot and problem-solve.

I love being a "maker" and I love to brainstorm. Process is an important part of my work. 

I have never lost a client's key, but I have once helped a client get into their house late at night when they lost theirs. 

Though I am not a couples counselor, I play one often during my design
consultations. This service is free!!

If something can't be done the way you envision it, I'll tell you. And then I'll help you figure out a better way. 

I love television! But I do not watch HGTV. Ever. Sorry. 




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